Why YA Lit?

Simply stated, because it is timeless. If the reader is 15 or 35, she can still relate to a time when she felt awkward, or was unsure of herself but was still hopeful to finding love—especially hopeful to finding that perfect love, the perfect boy.  And it’s even better when the supernatural is somehow involved. Why? Because we as readers know that it’s not real, but when the author writes in a way that feels real, we fall just as hard as the heroine. We fall in love right along with them.  Yes, it sounds ridiculous and crazy silly. But it’s the truth.  That’s why there are so many dedicated and obsessed fans of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Who wouldn’t love to find immortal love? Passionate love? Undying love? And who doesn’t want the feeling of falling in love over and over again?  Now bring in the bad guys so we can also sympathize for the young in love and you now have yourself a timeless piece of lit.

There is something about today’s Young Adult lit that just grabs its readers and pulls right into the storyline. Right now YA is hot. Go to any Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstore and you will find girls young and old scaling the shelves in hope of finding their next Edward. YA is hot right now. Libraries cannot keep the books on their shelves. This is AWESOME. Finally, girls are reading and are loving what they are reading. It’s like a drug. We cannot get enough. And what makes it so different from the YA of days gone by? The stories have a  believable supernatural aspect that is not hokey and is not sadistic. It’s just about as natural as the supernatural can get.

If you haven’t read any of the popular YA lit, you should. It’s hot right now for a reason. It is sooo good!

-Jennifer Wagner


2 comments on “Why YA Lit?

  • I am interested in submitting a young adult novel for review. I agree with everything you say about young adult literature. It requires considerable skill stylistically, as you have exactly five page to capture the reader. And most people still carry some of the shame of adolescent awkwardness inside them. My book isn’t science fiction. I’m embarrassed to admit it doesn’t have a single vampire in it. However people tell me it’s a really fast, suspenseful read. The title is The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable and it concerns a 16 year old girl who gets busted for participating in the blockade and occupation of the US Capitol. More information at http://www.thebattlefortomorrow.com.

    • Dr. Bramhall, thank you for your request. I would be honored to review your book if you are willing to send it to me. Even though young adult fiction is currently popular because readers are drawn to the vampire-type storyline, it isn’t just about the fantastical. There has to be a “hook” that drawers the reader into the story. So remember, a successful YA novel does not require a vampire. It requires pure interest from the intended audience. For my address, please send me an email via my personal address at jennybeans15@hotmail.com.

      Thank you so much for your interest.

      Jennifer Wagner

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