My Writing Journey: Unbridled Genius

Published September 28, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Have you ever thought, “If only it was that easy?”

Writing is a challenge, especially for me. I can easily sit for hours, thinking, brainstorming, and attempting to fill my precious Word document with “the next big thing” in the world of fiction writing.

And yet there are writers who spill words onto paper like sprinkles onto ice cream. Give it a little shake and things just baked goods,close-ups,colorful,cupcakes,desserts,foods,frosting,icing,snacks,sprinkles,treatsflow, uncontrolled, yet natural. A pattern is set: words fall into place, beloved characters are developed, hooks are deliberately placed, and readers embrace the story.

I often wish it were that easy. I’d love my writing to be categorized as “unbridled genius.”

Create, build, express, publish. It would be such a lovely pattern to uphold.

Instead, I am the writer who houses ideas in her head and within her dreams. Yet when attempted to expose them, they either disappear or come out jumbled.

On the other hand, I wonder if I had it easy, would I appreciate the final product as much when I finally cross the proverbial finish line?

Can you truly appreciate something when you don’t have to work your butt off to earn it?

For now, I will continue to pursue my unbridled genius, accept the challenges that are thrown my way, and look forward to the day when my words are read by those willing to give me chance.



2 comments on “My Writing Journey: Unbridled Genius

  • I don’t think it is that easy – it’s like childbirth: when we look back on it, it seems a lot better than it really was. Of course in anything (sports, smarts, music, whatever) there are people for whom things happen easier. But I firmly believe (and it makes me feel better to think this) that for the vast majority, it is not easy.

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