My Writing Journey: Juggling Tornadoes

Published September 19, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

In July, I began working for an online magazine as a web editor. I love it. Working from home is an absolute blessing. However, my writing baby is currently placed on hold. It’s frustrating. I see others continuing to push forward with their writing and mine is at a stalemate.Tornado courtesy Wikipedia

Often times, I sit behind to the wheel of my car, driving through treed landscapes, and I can vividly see my characters peek at me from behind trees. I see them on the fall ground, lying amidst yellows, oranges, and reds, staring at the sun-filled sky. They dream. I dream. But together we are trapped in thunderous storm clouds, unable to break free from life’s tornado of chaos.

I have the inability to work at a snail’s pace. It’s either all or nothing. And right now, it’s a big, gleaming bowl of emptiness. Every attempt to fill the empty bowl with a few lucky charms is immediately interrupted by phone calls, family, and discouragement.

Is it OK to accept the gleaming bowl of emptiness? Or should sacrifices  be made to juggle life’s tornadoes, no matter what the cost?




8 comments on “My Writing Journey: Juggling Tornadoes

    • Thanks, Audrey :). You’ve done a fantastic job with your book reviews, though!! Even though you’ve had little time for writing, you’ve still been writing ;). Perhaps we will both discover time for writing this winter. 🙂

  • Oh, dear, Jen, I’m afraid I know all too well about being stuck in that darn tornado of chaos. . . Just keep pushing on! You are doing amazing work for that magazine and your novel will squeeze itself into the cracks of life eventually!
    Very well written post!

  • As one who still lives in the tornado zone, I try and remember it’s all about seasons. When you’re Mama to little ones, wife and keeper of the home domain (not to mention bringing in the bucks too) – there are a lot of demands on your time. It won’t always be that way, so try to enjoy whatever time you can – otherwise the pressure to perform can rob you of your joy.

    Best of luck!

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