Special Feature and Giveaway: Winging It, by Shel Delisle

Published August 9, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Orangeberry Summer Splash – Winging It! (Angel in Training series #1)

Book Feature and Giveaway!

Today I am happy to host a book feature for author Shel Delisle.  Her book, “Winging It” is at the top of my TBR pile, and as soon as I have a few free moments, I will be reading and reviewing it.  A few months ago, Shel visited my blog and commented on one of my blog posts.  She is a very supportive and encouraging lady, and I wish her the absolute best in her career!

YA lovers, make sure you check out Shel’s book AND don’t forget to enter the Orangeberry Summer Splash Giveaway listed about! (Please can click on the Orangeberry graphic above or the giveaway link to enter!)

Ya Books
She Just Wants to Fly.
Ever decided to do something that seemed like a good idea and in the second before there’s no turning back think, I musta been totally mental when I came up with this? And, then, Oh, well, here goes.That’s how Angel-In-Training Grace Lightbourne felt right before she asked the Big Kahuna to go straight to Earth on a mission as a Guardian Angel. The problem? She never was a great student and now she won’t even finish her last three years of school. To make matters worse, Archangel Michael isn’t happy about her special assignment, but Grace is convinced she’s on a fast track to her wings. How hard can it be? She’s working with humans, after all.Winging It!, the first book in the Angel-in-Training series, is an irreverent, light hearted take on Angels, Heaven and everything else that’s divine.
Buy Now @ Amazon Kindle
Genre – YA / Tween 
Rating – PG13
Connect with Shel Delisle on Facebook
Blog http://sheldelisle.wordpress.com/

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