Monday Book Match-Up

Published June 25, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

 …coming to you from the brainchild of me, Jen via Reading En Vogue.

What it’s all about…FUN!  (Since Mondays have a tendency to reek with dread!)

1. Pick a book: Choose one that you are reading or one of your favorites.

2. Pick a character/s: Match him/her up with a real actor/s, explain why.

3. Pick a song:  When you read the book, what song could easily be added if made into a movie?

4. Add a little ‘zing’:  What did you eat/drink when you read this book?  What did you see the characters wearing?  Where could you see this book taking place? (Add some photos.  Feed our visual appetites!) Reflect a bit of you in this one ;).

My Picks:

1.  The Book: This week my choice is Rapture, by Lauren Kate.  I am currently reading this book, and so it is most definitely on my mind!

2.  Character: Daniel Grigori                                                                                                         Character: Lucinda Price

<—–Actor, Keegan Allen aka. Toby from Pretty Little Liars

Actor, Mariah Buzolin aka. Zoe on Jane By Design——>

3.  The Song: Breathing by Lifehouse.  I thrive on songs from Lifehouse.  They are my absolute favorite band.  I can’t even put into words how much their work means to me.  I thought this song would be appropriate for Luce and Daniel.

4.  The ‘Zing’


*Drinking Sparkling Moscato

Now it’s YOUR TURN!  Ready, Set, Match-Up!!!  ***Please leave me your link in the comment section below so I can check out your match-up!!***


4 comments on “Monday Book Match-Up

    • Thanks! I’d love for you to join in!! 🙂 Lifehouse is my life source. The lead singer’s voice give me chills. 🙂 And his lyrics are magic…and he actually writes them himself…even better ;).

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