777 Challenge

Published June 21, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Today I was tagged by Maryellen Brady for the 777 Challenge.  Thank you, Maryellen!  I enjoy a good challenge!

The Challenge:

 Post 7 lines (+) from page 7 of my work in progress and then tag 7 other writers to do the same…

This selection is from my WIP, which is currently untitled; however, I am tossing around the possibility of “Immortal Dreams.”  Now, I won’t lie.  This is not exactly from page 7 of my story.  Right now, I do not have a page 7.  I haven’t gotten there yet.  However, it could end up as page 7 in the near future.  It is closer to page 5 at the moment. 😉  AND, nothing has been edited.  So, please forgive me of my grammar sins!  Also, I added a few extra sentences because the situation wouldn’t make any sense if I didn’t.  So yes, I am breaking the rules of the challenge 😛 .

“Sam, hon, are you OK?  I heard screaming well down the hallway.  Open up.”

I walked a couple of steps, my bare feet sliding against the cool white floor.  I turned the lock vertically and opened the slab of solid metal.  I quickly cupped my hand over my mouth and faked a cough to hide the smirk forming across my mouth.  Mother Evy stood outside my door wearing her translucent white nightgown, hair twisted in a horrendous beehive up-do,  and glasses barely touching her nose.  If I didn’t know this woman, I’d think she was one of the loonies locked up like the rest of us.  “Sorry if I woke you, Morther Evy.  It was just a dream. I barely even remember it.”

And now, I will tag 7 of my fellow writer friends to be next:

Raewyn Hewitt

Sarah L Fox

Emma Johanssen

Nicole Storey

Hallie Chandler

Cathy  Thomsen Givans

Faith Hough

Please post a link to your challenge in the comment section so we can visit 🙂 .


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