Reading En Vogue’s Blogoversary Giveaway

Published June 18, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

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Thank you to all my participants!! 🙂


July 5, 2012 marks my official ‘One Year Anniversary’ with my blog, Reading ‘En Vogue’.  First, I need to thank Shirley Deeds at Creative Deeds Graphic Services for creating my stunning new banner!!  I decided I needed to treat my blog to a fantastic new look, and Shirley did one heck of a job! I highly recommend her!!!  Thank you, Shirley!!

Second, I have absolutely fallen in love with so many books, especially ones that I could read over and again.  And, I have embraced and accepted the fact that I, too, can one day fulfill my dream of writing a young adult novel.  (I’m working on that dream right now!)

I have met so many wonderful writers, aspiring authors, and book bloggers.  Each has inspired me to push forward and overcome the hurdles.

And so, there is no better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to have a giveaway!  I will be choosing one lucky winner, at random, who will receive a

$10.00 Amazon Gift Card (via digital delivery so the winner can have it ASAP!).  

The contest will begin on Monday, June 18th and will end on Thursday, July 5th.  The winner will be notified on Friday, July 6th.

In order to qualify, please fill out this form below!

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheet/embeddedform” query=”formkey=dHFBTU1yZFJfNHhWQzhDLWxVQm5oTHc6MQ” width=”760″ height=”746″ /]

Thank you to all my friends (old and new), family, and fellow book lovers/reviewers/followers who have supported me throughout this past year.  I have made a lot of progress and have only just begun!  None of it could have been done without YOU!

Good Luck!!


6 comments on “Reading En Vogue’s Blogoversary Giveaway

  • Happy blog anniversary x I went it went quick!!!!!! Hunnie your blog has gone through a makeover hasn’t it and it looks fricking amazing!! I am sooo happy. Did Shirley do the banner? LOVE IT!! I have entered hun but i’m in the uk,if cant enter just delete me off x

    • Thank you!! YES! Shirley did the banner for me and I LOVE IT!! (I need to post that on my blog…I can’t believe I haven’t already!!! I think I’m slowly loosing my mind! LOL! ) I’m so glad you like the new look!!

      The giveaway is a digital gift card for Amazon–don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to win??? Do you have a kindle at all? Could always download a digital book!

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