Six Sentence Sunday: Post #2

Published June 9, 2012 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Thank you for visiting my blog and checking out my second post for Six Sentence Sunday, the “branch child” of Sara Brookes.   In February 2010, Sarah posted six sentences of her work in progress (WIP).   Since then, this incredible idea has grown immensely, and this week I am #175 on the list of this week’s participants.

Again, this is taken from my WIP (work in progress) via the Prologue of my story, which is currently title-less.  It is from Samara’s perspective.  She is the main character in my story.  I also included an extra sentence.  So, technically, it is a “Seven Sentence Sunday,” but hey, who’s counting? 🙂  It just made more sense to include it.

Note: These sentences precede last week’s SSS.

    Only God knows what they inject into my vein.  It doesn’t take long before the cobweb of tingling creeps through my limp body and wraps itself around me like a blanket of snow paired with a hot cup of cocoa and toast for dipping. 
   I am calm. I accept my fate.
   If I can’t be with him awake, then I will find him in my dreams. They try to control my dreams, but only he and I know they cannot. It no longer works that way. 

(Last Week’s Post for SSS)

I clench my fingers into a fist, and hold the slivers of willow and down in my palm.  I cling tightly to my remains, ignoring the sting as the wooden slivers and my jagged fingernails embed themselves into my skin.  I can feel no pain.  I wonder if I will wake up this time.  I almost hope I don’t.  I can sleep forever.


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