Struggling with a Talkative Child in School

Published January 5, 2017 by Jennifer Elizabeth

I do not sugar coat my child’s behavior. I know that he is not perfect, or the type of student that every teacher dreams of having in his or her classroom.

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My Third Pregnancy: Overcoming the Challenges & Road Blocks

Published June 8, 2016 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Long before finding out I had my third baby boy on the way, I had a premonition that a third pregnancy would not be easy. I was correct. 🙂 Right off the rip I suffered from nausea—nearly all food …

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This Mom in Quarters

Published February 23, 2015 by Jennifer Elizabeth

… I haven’t blogged in forever. I feel oddly detached from something I once considered ‘mine’—yet here I am. Because, it’s time to write.

This past year has been a struggle.

Oh the Commitments

Last spring I committed myself to a new job, working part-time from home. I could swing it. Both of my boys would be in school three days a week.

And then, in the summer, I was presented with an opportunity to assist as a teacher in my youngest son’s preschool class twice a week. I figured I could find a balance, so I said yes. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see my sweet little boy make his first friends. And he’s only four years old once.

But in November, a mini-bomb dropped. (I call it a mini-bomb because my problems are nothing compared to what some go through. I completely acknowledge that. I am very blessed.)

Sayonara Brick and Morter

A series of … shall I say, “unfortunate events” led my husband and I to pulling our oldest son from his school. In the middle of the day.

Yes, it was that bad.

I quickly enrolled my son in a cyber school, trying to make the transition as smooth as possible, and am now responsible for being his 2nd grade teacher (along with my husband and sister-in-law who help on the days I am with my youngest in preschool).

And yes, it was the only option we felt was best.

Cut in Quarters

Aside from these three roles, I am also mom/ going crazy

Being split into four different roles—working mom, teaching preschool mom, teaching second grade mom, and everyday mom/wife—each requiring it’s own specific needs/time, is tough.

I feel I’m giving each role 25 percent, at best. I want to be super mom.  I want to give 100 percent to everything—especially as mom and wife.

Yet I’m not. I know I’m not. No one is going to tell me I’m not.

Who would say it anyways? That’s like telling someone they are a terrible person.

 But I am ‘quartering it.’ And I dislike it, very much.

On top of all of this, I have a story that is clawing away at my brain. I want to write it down. I want to find the time to write it down. But by the end of the day, I am mentally exhausted. The idea of spending any additional time—either in front of a computer screen or brainstorming in a note book—makes me cringe.

All I want to do is curl up under my down comforter and sleep … so I have enough energy and motivation to do it all over again the next day.

Sadly, “snow days” have become my best friend. I live in the polar vortex. Because of the cold, my youngest’s school has been closed a few times this month. I revel in these days.

Grocery shopping? I’d rather not.

Cook dinner? My brain shuts down. I completely lack culinary creativity.

Cleaning? Sheesh, it never ends. So sometimes I just ignore it. But don’t judge. I know you ignore it sometimes too. 😉

HOWEVER … There is Light

Church. Faith. Both of which I am thankful.

My priest spoke beautiful words of truth the other Sunday …

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t be doing it for YOU. It’s not about YOU. It’s about HIM. It’s about LOVE. Your love for Him. Change how you do it, and do it out of love. ❤faith2

So I have been trying my hardest to recall these words every single time I start to feel the “ughs” and the “whys” and the discouragement roll around.

There is a REASON why for everything. I don’t have all the answers right now. And it may not all be perfect. But I need to have faith. I need to trust. I need to love. I will love.

Life is quite the journey. Perspective and faith are essential.


Are You Fit to Freelance?

Published July 3, 2014 by Jennifer Elizabeth

college gradWhat they don’t tell you in college …

I studied professional writing in college. Lessons on writing resumes, cover letters, and business proposals were covered. However, nothing was ever mentioned about freelancing. (Well, if it was, I wasn’t paying attention.)

Technology has certainly advanced in the past ten years since I graduated. And with these advancements, opportunity sprung forth – opportunity to freelance as a student and as a graduate.

However, I now wonder:

“Are these opportunities being discussed within the walls of the advanced education systems?”

My guess is no.

In a crap economy  (yes, I still say it’s crap even though reports predicted otherwise), college grads are emerging from their “me” centered bubbles with high hopes. They expect to find a job in their field, and one that pays well.


This is not always the case. And when it is, those grads are “the lucky ones.”And we all wish that was the reality for all grads. If it were only that easy …

Where I come from, college grads are lucky to find a job that pays more than minimum wage.

Unless they’re willing to move.

Most are stuck with minimum wage jobs. And if they’re lucky, they’ll be hired despite being a now overeducated applicant.

However, there are money-making opportunities right at their fingertips, literally. But, you have to think outside the “college box.”

Money-making opportunities at your fingertips

Freelancing websites allow users to search for field related work. And the work can be done while sitting naked on your own couch. (I don’t recommend sitting naked on a parent’s couch, however, if said grad still lives at home.)

Sites like oDesk provide free user registration. Once an account is created a user can then search job listings by category and go from there. However, if said user is not quite ready to jump into the freelancing pool, and he or she prefers to first get their feet wet, I suggest trying

Again, registration is free on Fiverr and one can opt to participate as little or as often as desired. Fiverr allows users to search gigs and buyer requests. The easiest gigs are posting reviews, such as product, book, and site reviews. And while the money isn’t a lot, it does eventually add  up. Also, payments can be sent directly to a PayPal account.

Simple. Fast. Perfect.

However, there is a downside to freelancing.

When freelancing, you are not exposed to actual human beings. Therefore, you are alone. You MUST motivate yourself. If you have difficulties with distractions (i.e. Internet browsing, social media sites, online shopping, etc.), then you may have a hard time succeeding as a freelancer.

Why is Jen writing this blog?

I’ll tell you why. Over seven years ago I was an expecting mom with a college English degree. I wanted to work from home, be my own boss, and daycare was out of the question. So, I tried my best to think “outside the box.”

First, I thought I could start my own resume writing service.

Yeah, that didn’t work. I knew nothing about website development and that’s where I thought my business would generate the most customers.

Then, I bought into Mary Kay Cosmetics. I learned I was a terrible sales person. But I LOVED the makeup!

Next, I dabbled in candle making. Too much mess. And good wax is expensive.

So, I then joined a candle selling business (like that of Mary Kay). Apparently I hadn’t learned my lesson the first time. Ha. However, I was lucky because I sold those candles for a year. They were THAT good. Good candles sell themselves. But, I had to leave my home and my kids in order to sell. So in the long run, it wasn’t for me.

Finally, I started my own book blog and decided I was going to write, even if I wasn’t being paid to do so. And as a result of that decision, I broke into freelancing, by accident.

Two years ago I was given an opportunity to edit and I snatched that baby right up (all because someone noticed I was a writer),

Thank God.

I did everything I possibly could to ensure my client was happy with my work. I went nearly two years with less than 5 days off. I worked all the time. And along the way I met some wonderful people and fellow freelancers. Doors opened. Opportunities came my way.

And finally, one day, I had a choice. I had several opportunities floating in my inbox. I chose the one best fit for me. There’s nothing better than having a choice.

The lesson

Think outside the box. If you’re working a “less than desirable” job, do something on the side. Do anything. Search for work. Create your own work and talk about it. That’s what I did. And one day, it finally got me somewhere.

One day, it may get you somewhere as well.


It’s Here! Author Kate Givans – Tortured Book Cover Reveal!

Published June 18, 2014 by Jennifer Elizabeth

Tortured (Tortured Soul #1) by Kate Givans

Coming July, 2014

Tortured Soul #1, book reveal, Kate GivansBlurb:

A dark and gritty, contemporary adult novel about loss, healing, and love’s ability to reach beyond scars and secrets, no matter how deep or hidden.

WARNING: Due to sexual content and graphic nature of some scenes, this book is intended for 18+ readers ONLY. Potentially triggering content and concepts in books to follow.

Kate Givans, book reveal, book cover reveal, contemporary adult novel, adult fiction, contemporary fictionSynopsis:

More than a year after the death of his best friend, Josh is still tormented by the past. Everything changes when free-spirited Willow barges into his life. She challenges him, helps him feel something other than the overwhelming pain, sadness, and anger.

There’s just one problem.

Underneath that carefree persona, Willow is elusive and secretive. Josh believes she may be fighting a few demons of her own, but the harder he tries to uncover the truth, the more she pushes him away. Can Josh get her to open up before it’s too late? Or will he discover that some secrets are better left untold?

Kate Givans, book reveal, book cover reveal, contemporary adult novel, adult fiction, contemporary fiction


Author Bio:

Quirky, clumsy, and always a little off-key, Kate Givans has always loved books and the words contained within. Now that she’s writing the stories, she’s filling them with broken characters, angst, and even a few of those happily-ever-afters that seem to evade us in real life.

When not writing, this wife and mother of five can be found guzzling coffee, day-dreaming, dancing for no reason at all, playing with the voices in her head, watching her favorite shows (Originals, Grey’s, OUAT, The Following), listening to music, and reminding herself to “breathe.”

You can connect with Kate Givans on:





Kate Givans, book reveal, book cover reveal, contemporary adult novel, adult fiction, contemporary fiction

*Kate Givans is a beautiful person, inside and out. I was blessed to meet her years ago online, when I first began blogging and learning the in’s and out’s of social media. She is such an inspiration as a writer, a mom, and a friend. I am truly excited for her and cannot wait to read her books. Congrats Kate! I wish great success!!!  – Jen

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Paired with a Great Book

Published August 31, 2013 by Jennifer Elizabeth

This past week I noticed several Facebook updates from friends who purchased their first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (A BIG fan favorite!) for the upcoming Fall season. It makes sense.  School started and we all know that once that happens, Fall arrives immediately! (Well, at least where I live it does!)

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

So what is better than curling up with a great book and pairing it with a warm,  pumpkin spice latte? Even better, make it yourself and save yourself A LOT of money!

And so, since I am also a coffee and pumpkin lover (but am not a fan of spending money on things I can make myself), I decided to go recipe exploring for a homemade pumpkin spice latter and I discovered this one.

It’s a great recipe, but I decided to adapt it a bit ;).

Please note, my pumpkin spice latte recipe is HALF the original. I also decreased the amount of canned pumpkin by more than half because I am not a big fan of drinking liquid pumpkin ;). I think the recipe I developed tastes great. It’s not overwhelming in the pumpkin department and you can still taste the coffee–but it also is not overpowering.

AND, the end result is just sweet enough ;). Both my husband and my 3 year-old tried it and loved it. So, I think this pumpkin spice latte recipe is a success!

OK, so below is the recipe that I created. 😉 For those interested, I have posted images of the ingredients I used to create this recipe at the bottom of the post, as well as where I purchased them. ENJOY! 

Warm Pumpkin Spice Latte

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 1/2 tbsp. canned pumpkin

1 tsp. raw honey

1 tsp. organic vanilla extract

1/4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

6 oz. Brewed Coffee or Expresso

First, prepare your coffee:

I used 2 scoops of Maxwell House Coffee (original roast) and about 1 cup (6 oz.) water. I made my coffee is an Imusa stove top espresso maker (I found one at the Grove City outlets for under $5!!)

But you if have no idea what I’m talking about, you can find the Imusa stove top expresso maker here. Basically, it’s a percolator. It makes your coffee much stronger than a regular old coffee maker.

I love mine!

Imusa stovetop expresso maker


While  coffee is getting ready, combine the almond milk, pumpkin and raw honey in a small saucepan, and cook it on medium heat, stirring until steaming.

mix pumpkin, almond milk and raw honey

Next, remove saucepan from heat, stir in vanilla and spice. Then, grab your whisk and get to it! When a lot of foam is created, you’re ready to transfer to your cup 🙂

mixing in vanilla and spices

Pour pumpkin mix into one large mug or two mugs.

Then, add the hot espresso or coffee on top. Once poured, you can top with whipped cream and sprinkle pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg or cinnamon on top.

I just left my plain. 🙂

The end result


Friendly Farms Almond Milk found at Aldi's grocery

Friendly Farms regular Almond Milk found at Aldi’s grocery store

Libby's Pure Pumpkin

Libby’s Pure Pumpkin

Crystal's All Natural Raw Honey found at Wegman's

Crystal’s All Natural Raw Honey found at Wegman’s

McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice (found at Walmart)

McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice (found at Walmart)

Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract

Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract

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